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A short biography

I recieved my masters degree in statistics in 2010 from Aarhus University. Following my studies I relocated to Copenhagen to start as a quant in the financial industry, working with risk models. After 4 years in the professional industry, I decided to return to academia to purse a PhD at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH). Since 2018 I have been employed as a postdoc at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at UCPH. My PhD revolved around statistical models with applications to neuroscience with special attention towards network inference. Currently my research focus continues down this road, developing statistical models for high-dimensional network analysis.

Besides  scribling mathematical puzzles on paper and programming, I like to be active in various areas. I like to travel the world near and far, with my fiancĂ© Laila. We have had numerours adventures together, trekking, biking, diving and sailing. I am also very keen on playing music and I play guitar, drums and piano with great enthusiasm. On the more passive side, I like watching classics like the Maltese Falcon, read a Steinbeck novel, or simply just float around the internet (wikipedia and such) learning all sorts of peculiar historical facts and skills. I have a curious mind, and thus often engage myself in new challenges.

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