Jacob Stærk-Østergaard:


[/ˈkwɒntɪnɪər/]: A person that extracts insights and answers from data using quantitative engineering skills.

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About me

I am a pragmatic quantitive modeling expert. Currently I am modeling the COVID-19 pandemic in Denmark and researching new methods to describe and predict epidemiological outbreaks.

In addition to this, I have experience in computational neuroscience, modeling networks and neural signal processing, digital communication networks as well as financial derivatives and risk models.

My weapon of choice is R, but I occasionally work with c++, Python and SQL when called for.

I hold a MSc (2010) and PhD (2018) in Statistics from Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen.


J Østergaard, A Rahbek, S Ditlevsen. Oscillating systems with cointegrated phase processes. Journal of mathematical biology 75 (4), 845-883 (2017)

J Østergaard, MA Kramer, UT Eden. Capturing spike variability in noisy Izhikevich neurons using point process generalized linear models Neural computation 30 (1), 125-148 (2018)

J Stærk-Østergaard, RW Berg, UT Eden, S Ditlevsen. A state space model for characterizing bursting in neurons. In Review (2020)

J Stærk-Østergaard, A Rahbek, S Ditlevsen. Rank testing in high dimensional cointegrated systems and estimation under symmetry restrictions. To be submitted. (2021)

R Engelhardt, VF Hendricks, J Stærk-Østergaard. The Wisdom and Persuadability of Threads. arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.05203 (2020)

L Jahn, J Stærk-Østergaard J, RK Rendsvig. Bot Detecting Jury Selection Procedures to Counter Nefarious Vote Inflation on Social MediaSubmitted (2021)

G Cavaliere, Y Lu, A Rahbek, Stærk-Østergaard J. Bootstrap inference for point process models, with applications to Hawkes processes in social media dataWorking Paper. (2021)

Jacob Stærk-Østergaard

Animal Welfare and Disease Control
Department of Veterinary and Animal Science
University of Copenhagen

contact (at) jacobostergaard.com

Grønnegårdsvej 8
1870 Frederiksberg


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